Proper Training for Single Men

s4.PNGTexting is the modern way if trying to get the attention of a girl, and for any single man out there who is willing to get hooked up it is important to know what exactly o text.Flirting with a woman over the text is not as hard as many skeptics would not us to believe but it is only that the texting is actually a bit different and there are many ways in which a single training man may ensure maximum texting success with a woman who is equally single and searching for a soul mate. Many people have many issues affecting their lives and so it is very important that when a single men is trying to get the attention of the woman he is texting by ensuring that the conversation should not sound offensive or mind boggling to the woman. Visit

It is recommended that single men should write easy texts and tend not to ask stupid or personal questions so as to receive positive and responses from the woman. Single men should never attempt to write offensive of boring texts because they might put off a woman instead of luring her to the ma’s side.Texts which go like, what you up to? Or hi, what’s up? Actually does absolutely nothing to help you get a chance to relate with the woman and instead of adding value to the conversation the woman might just block you because the text has no positive interaction. Learn more here.

Every time a single man texts a single, he should first ask himself what the value it adds and brings to her everyday life and if the text merely puts a smile on her face then you are on the right track and thus instead of texting something like Hello what’s up? Text something like, I know you are probably thinking about me, and so can we text each other as well. Most women get confused when they get a strange text from a single man and thus see the need to wait before replying so as to think about what was texted.

Many single men ruin a perfect good chance of winning a woman’s heart but getting needy and over-eager with the way they text.Flirting can be fun if you combine it With seduction, laughter and teasing since a woman does not need a very serious man and wishes to be told things that will make her hear to melt.One of the many ways of making a girl feel good is by playful teasing but it should be light and one should ensure that she knows that she should she is permitted to tease right back.